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I'm a voice actor, writer, and painter based out of Grants Pass, OR. I'm lucky to be able to share my art and voice with so many people, and collaborate with other artists, actors, and creatives, like you!


Elliot Somerfield

Addigale Stewart is nothing less than a pleasure to work with - encouraging, supportive, enthusiastic and above all talented at what she does. Addigale dives in head-first into her work and it shows through her expressive and varied voices and performances. You'd be hard pressed to not find a seminal voice actor for your project, not to mention a good friend and colleague!

Jimmie Yamaguchi

Addy is incomparable! I am honored to have been a part of Train Home. She possesses this sublime insight into humanity that can cause the listener to reflect upon their own nature. Like an emotional weaver, she wields empathy with masterful precision to create wondrous storyscapes. As an actor, it made my job so much easier having a director that understands how to direct the subtleties of the text through the actor's artistic interpretation. If you are looking for a director, writer or actor you will save yourself so much time if you just simply hire Addy.

Joanna Christina

Addigale Stewart is absolutely wonderful and an absolute joy to work with. She's professional, organized, and punctual and she does her best to make everyone feel included, appreciated, and safe. She also inspires me with all of her amazing creative talents! I highly recommend working with her!

Bradley Green

Where does one begin with Addigale Stewart? Working with Addigale is an absolute delight, so kind and supportive to everyone on top of having a wide array of talents - including but not limited to acting, writing, art, photography and more! Addigale will dedicate their passion to any project sent their way while creating amazing original content to support others at the same time; pouring their heart and soul into everything they create! I would highly recommend hiring Addigale Stewart for anybody.

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