The Book of Grey is a dark fantasy story about a girl named Josephine set in the 1920s. It is told through her eyes in the form of diary entries, where she recalls how her father teaches her Blood Magic.

(Intended for Young Adult audiences.)

Who Are You Today? is a story about a girl named Linne who prefers to escape reality by living in her mind. Slowly, other people begin to show up in her head, and she starts to become consumed with fear and confusion as she tries to understand what is going on inside her.

(Intended for Young Adult audiences.)

Silk Brews is a is a short slice of life story about girls Jackie and Erin meeting at their usual morning spot. They notice someone new come in, a rarity, as nearly all customers of Silk Brews know each other. Despite that, he seems familiar.

The Little Star's Escape is about a boy named Cain, who is the son of Lucifer. He tries to escape Hell on his own and his father finds him.

(Directed, but did not voice in this.)

Shiloh's Treehouse is a horror story about a boy named Mason and his 3 friends. Mason meets a young girl in the woods who speaks a language he can't understand, yet something about her is intriguing to him.

(Intended for Adult audiences.)

Rain is a Slice of Life story about a girl named Edith (or Eddy, as she calls herself) who wakes up one morning to go on a morning run in the rain which changes her life forever.

   All Voice Credits

"Josephine Darley" in The Book of Grey

"Mom" in "The Trap" by Plum Forest Podcast

"Cleo" in Deja Brew

"Jaime" in The Superstar Experience

"Narrator" in Silk Brews

"Linne" in Who Are You Today

"Emma" in The Kaleidoscope Project

"Bowie Byrd" in The Spooky Sapphic Storyteller

"Narrator" in Shiloh's Treehouse

"Zarina" in Reverie's Curse

"Ann Bewlance" in Mystery Meat

"Edith" in Rain

"Narrator" in Message In a Bottle

"Narrator" in The Leap of Ancients

"The Second Violin" in Two Violins


"Astrid" in Kingdoms of Blood

"Garnet" in Crystal Chronicles: Steven Universe Abridged

"Lily" in How I Died Podcast





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